Arabian Nights Slot

Arabiannights1Arabian Nights slot is a simple video slot from NetEnt, that offers a chance to win the progressive jackpot prize which can go up to the millions. The slot is a very authentic Arabian style game, with everything you could imagine from an Aladdin themed slot. The game is not the most up to date slot available at a NetEnt casino however it does have the classic free spins round and the jackpot gives it the extra kick it needs to get the players queuing up to play this easy to play jackpot slot.

The setting of the game is classical Arabic, with its roots deep in the legends and stories that emerged from ancient Arabia such as Aladdin and the tales of the Arabian Nights. The symbols could quite easily have popped out from a Walt Disney version of Aladdin, with the magic lamp and the cheeky Arab man with the ruby teeth and cheesy grin. The setting is clearly the beautiful Arabian desert with the deep blue sky with twinkling stars. Arabian Nights is a slot for all the eastern lovers out there who like to be in with a chance of stealing that Arabian jackpot prize. This slot doesn’t have any particularly riveting sound effects but you do get the odd hint of the Arabian Nights music when you get a winning bet line.

Arabian Nights slot could be a good start for beginners to the wonderful world of slots and their joys since it doesn’t have too many features to confuse. The slot is played over 5 reels with 3 rows, and only uses 10 bet lines. It is also a great slot to play if you prefer to play for longer periods of time and spend less per spin, since the maximum cost per spin on maximum bet using 10 bet lines is only 5 euros a go. So for the less experienced or for those who like to prolong their online casino sessions this could be the game for you!

Arabian Nights progressive jackpot

arabnights2The main feature of Arabian Nights has got to be its progressive jackpot prize! This jackpot is pooled into by every player that tries his or her luck on this classic slot. The more this game gets played the higher the jackpot value becomes, so for example if 100 players decide to play Arabian Nights then a portion of their bets would be added to a pot and combined to make the total prize money. So, now you are all asking how do I win this huge jackpot prize right? It’s simple in theory but you will have to play the game to be in with a chance of course. The jackpot prize is won by getting all 5 wild symbols in one of the 10 bet lines of the Arabian Nights slot. The only catch is you must be playing at the maximum bet on all 10 bet lines to win this prize, if you are playing on 9 bet lines instead you will win 10,000 coins for 5 wild symbols. Still a good win but nothing in comparison to the jackpot of course. So make sure you bet the maximum to be in the running for money. the wild symbol to keep an eye out for is the Arab man with the ruby in his hand just for you.

Free Spins with Arabian Nights scatter symbols

The next feature in line for this video slot are the free spins, what online casino slot would be complete without the free spin round that is heavily awaited by its players. This is often the round in which most of the big wins are made, so without it the game would be a lot less fun. The scatter symbols are the way to get this option going, and you will need three or more on any of the bet lines to start them up. Arabian Nights free spins are capped at 15 free spins no matter how many scatter symbols appear on the reels, however they do have the advantage that for every win made during this time the wins will be trebled. This could and should result in some serious cash being thrown your way in this Arabic adventure filled with treasure just for you. Free spins are activated by the scatter symbols, which are the magic lamp in this scenario.

Since the game is based on a low bet and could take some time to play, there is also the option of using autoplay in this slot. This is a feature that lets you choose the amount of times you want the reels to spin at the bet value and on bet lines you have selected. There is also an advanced option in most online casino versions of this game that allows you to stop the spins once you win free spins or the jackpot prize. If you win the jackpot prize you will definitely want to stop the game then, if only just to count your treasures! Enjoy this simple game with lots of money to be won.